Arteel Pennenhuis and lifestyle giftshop

Who are we?

In the historical center of Leuven, in the shadow of St. Peter's Church, you can find Arteel Pennenhuis, a family business that was founded in 1976.

Our business is well known for its wide range of high-quality stationery. Nevertheless, Arteel Pennenhuis is presenting itself as a lifestyle store where you can also find beautiful jewelry, home perfumes with a wonderful scent and candles.

In addition to the range of stationery, we also deal in handbags, briefcases, diaries, wallets and cases. All our products are high-level products in the higher segment seeing that quality is our top priority. We offer a wide variety of high qualified products within a wide price range.

Our experienced writing experts are waiting to welcome you in our store and are looking forward to sharing their passion for writing with you.

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